Solaris Offworld Combat 2 Confirmed After PSVR 2 Leak

If you’ve pre-ordered a PlayStation VR 2 virtual reality (VR) headset you definitely don’t need to worry about a lack of content. Besides all the PSVR 2 launch games coming, many more are waiting in the wings. Some were seemingly revealed ahead of time this week. Several titles were listed on the German PlayStation Blog – before being taken down. These included Solaris Offworld Combat 2 by First Contact Entertainment.

The original Solaris Offworld Combat was a team-based multiplayer shooter, but it was short-lived, never quite finding an audience. But First Contact Entertainment has confirmed Solaris Offworld Combat 2 is in the works, taking to Twitter with a game logo, saying “more details coming soon.”

Solaris Offworld Combat 2 - New PSVR2 Games

The studio has another videogame in development for PSVR 2, Firewall Ultra. Another sequel, and another team-based shooter, the original Firewall Zero Hour was much more popular than Solaris. Furthermore, Firewall help sell the PlayStation Aim controller, almost an essential add-on to the gameplay All that’s known so far is that Firewall Ultra will utilise PSVR 2’s advanced feature set to provide an even more immersive experience.

The other titles that popped up on the page were Green Hell VR – which was already known about – Project Wingman, The Wanderer Remastered and GORN. All the latter ones are new to the PSVR 2 roster. Although they are all ports which have previously been released.

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