On-rails Zombie Shooter Railbreak is Coming to PCVR

Dead Drop Studios, on-rails, ’90s-style arcade shooter Railbreak for PC, PlayStation and Xbox just before Christmas. But it seems players wanted more, VR support, in fact. Which prompted the team to launch a Backerkit campaign to help fund development. Instantly successful, the studio has now confirmed that Railbreak VR is in the works for PCVR headsets.

The crowdfunding campaign looked to raise a modest $5,000 USD over the course of a month. It achieved this within the first day. That now means Dead Drop Studios is planning a PCVR launch on Steam for sometime in October. It’ll be an expansion of the original games rather than a standalone experience.

But that’s not all! Like any good crowd-sourced funding drive, there are stretch goals. These include dual-wielding support (already achieved), PSVR 2 support at $10K and Meta Quest support at $15K.

Railbreak VR screenshot 6

Railbreak VR

The Railbreak VR funding isn’t the only announcement Dead Drop Studios has. It’s working on the Tailbreak DLC expansion for all versions of the game, set to arrive in October as well. The DLC will offer new and unique story content and the chance to tame the world’s oldest predators.

If you’ve already bought Railbreak on PC or console the new Time Korrisis update is now available. With the Time Korrisis mode enabled, you have to race against the clock to clear each act before the timer runs out. Shooting enemies, killing zombies, and picking up items and weapons all add additional time to the clock. The update also includes a new playable character Korrine and a graphical boost.

“The compelling free Time Korrisis content update coupled with the launch of our BackerKit campaign for Railbreak VR and Tailbreak shows our commitment to supporting Railbreak long term.“ says Evan Wolbach, co-founder of Dead Drop Studios. “This October, the new dimension VR will add to the Railbreak experience combined with the thrilling Tailbreak story content we’re preparing will be sure to excite players of all skill levels!”

Looking forward to Railbreak VR later this year, or are your eyes more on Metro Awakening? Let us know in the comments.