Project Demigod Officially Leaps onto Quest & PCVR Next Week

Omnifarious Studios’ Project Demigod has been available as an early-access game for just over two years. That’s about to come to an end with publisher Fast Travel Games announcing an official launch date. Project Demigod will hit Meta Quest and PCVR headsets on Steam at the beginning of February.

Project Demigod first hit Steam Early Access in October 2021, with a Quest App Lab release following in May 2022. Designed to be the ‘ultimate superhero simulator’, in Project Demigod you can fly around sandbox environments engaging in physics-driven comic book battles. Like any good superhero, you have a mixture of superpowers to call upon when dealing with ninjas, robots, gangs, mutants, aliens, and more. Swing, flip, shoot, blast, and smash around an open-world city to your hearts content.

Project Demigod screenshot1

Project Demigod on Quest

You can mix and match and match powers with over 40 combinations available. These include:

  • Strength: Use incredible strength to smash through destructibles and toss enemies into the air. Or gain the aerial advantage with Flight and Laser Vision.
  • Flames: Fly through the skies and throw fireballs at enemies, or switch to Explosion Mode for rapid bursts.
  • Web: Swing through the city, running on walls, and webbing enemies and objects.
  • Blaster: Fire bolts of energy, lightning, or anti-gravity.
  • Weapons: Utilize swords, shields, kunai, and more to provide an edge in physical combat or infuse them to unlock unique abilities.
  • Time Control: Run at Super Speed, Slow Time, and Rewind enemies.
  • Stretch: Attack from a distance with stretchy limbs, or expand them and fight with Giant Arms.
  • Master the Elements with Fire, Earth, and Water Powers.

The official launch of Project Demigod will take place on 1st February 2023. Fast Travel Games notes on X: “As part of the transition, Project Demigod will leave App Lab on Quest on January 25 & will be unavailable to purchase until launch.

“App Lab buyers won’t need to repurchase the game again on the Quest store. The Steam Early Access version will remain available until February 1.”

Fast Travel Games most recently released Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice. Later this year we’re expecting to asymmetric multiplayer Mannequin from the studio.

Have you tried Project Demigod on Quest or Steam? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below!