Arcade Paradise VR to Feature 6 Exclusive VR Cabinets

Coming soon to Meta Quest headsets is Arcade Paradise VR. A virtual reality spinoff of Nosebleed Interactive’s 2022 title Arcade Paradise, the studio has confirmed that the VR edition will get some exclusive cabinets.

For this VR port, Nosebleed Interactive will have 39 playable arcade cabinets. Twelve of these will be ‘fully realized VR arcade cabinets’ the studio says. This means full motion controls to punch, whack, twist and shoot your way to hours of entertainment. The other 27 are traditionally controlled games from the original version, transporting you back to 1993 for a nostalgic gaming experience.

Arcade Paradise VR screenshot2

Arcade Paradise VR Exclusive Cabinets

As for the six exclusive cabinets, these are:

  • KO Champ – “Before the time runs out, punch the targets as many times as you can in a test of strength, dexterity, and endurance – to become the Knockout Champion.”
  • Basketball Blast – “Aim, Shoot, Basket. Put your basketball skills to the test as you shoot hoops against the clock before the timer runs out. Oh, and don’t forget to have a blast, a basketball blast.”
  • Istvan Speaks – “Step right up ladies and gentlemen and allow Istvan to see into your future. Yes… It’s all becoming clear now… it’s time to make the ordinary become extraordinary.”
  • Smash ‘Em – “Test your speed and reflexes in Smash ‘Em, a quick reflex shooter. Take your light-gun, loaded with 30 bullets, to get through 5 rounds of targets. Each round progressively gets more difficult, think and shoot fast to be top of the leaderboards.”
  • Balloon Jack 3D – “Step into VR and perfect your aim for that all-important high score! Gold balloons are worth 15 points, red is worth 5, and blue extends the timer. But watch out – hitting a skull means it’s GAME OVER!”
  • Future Home: Enter Reality – details to be revealed soon.

A launch date for Arcade Paradise VR on Meta Quest has yet to be revealed. Take a look at the new gameplay trailer while you wait.

Looking forward to Arcade Paradise VR‘s exclusives? Or are you enjoying Palworld using the UEVR mod? Let us know in the comments.