22 Racing Series Update Adds New Visual & Modding Capabilities

GOATi Entertainment’s 22 Racing Series has been in early access development on Steam for just over a year. Offering optional VR support, the team has just released a new update for 22 Racing Series focused on improving the graphics and modding options.

When it comes to visuals, 22 Racing Series will have a more streamlined gameplay experience with support from Intel’s XeSS Super Sampling technology. Additionally, AI-enhanced upscaling will allow for higher resolutions and higher FPS.

For all you track creators out there, the RaceHub features a bunch of new track profiles like Quarter Tube and Offset Quarter Tube. Then there are the new texture sets, over 75 of them, and the ability to change the time of day. For newbies, there’s a refined tutorial to take you through the basics.

22 Racing Series screenshot 2

22 Racing Series Update

“Regardless of your racing style or vehicle preference, there’s plenty to keep racers, creators, and everyone in between enjoying racing in its purest form,” said Garth Midgley, Managing and Creative Director of GOATi Entertainment in a statement. “We are proud to create a true next-gen racing experience that gives all racers creative freedom, and most importantly have fun!”

22 Racing Series Update key features:

  • Vehicle handling updates:
    • Increased downforce at low speed
    • Improved steer assist
  • Super Sampling:
    • XeSS
    • FSR 2.0
    • DLSS
  • Track Builder:
    • 75 New track texture sets
    • New track profiles & auto profile blending
    • Changing backgrounds
    • Changing sky and time of day
    • Intro tutorial
    • 3dsMax/Maya navigation controls + Axis transform manipulator
    • Near instant track uploading and sharing directly in the game

Lastly, Synthwave game mode “Flow – Syn x Vertue” which will focus on arcade, co-op and party game modes will be released in Q4 2024.

22 Racing Series is available on Steam with PCVR support for less than £20 GBP. Early Access is expected to last up to two years.

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