D-Day Enhanced 64-Player Matches Hit PSVR 2 Next Week

Almost exactly a year ago Strange Games Studios announced it was working on D-Day Enhanced. Revitalising its D-Day franchise for PSVR 2, D-Day Enhanced is set to feature all the graphical enhancements the headset offers. Now, the studio has confirmed a launch date, and it’s only a week away!

The original D-Day became one of Strange Games’ most popular games, supporting up to 32-player matches. As part of the D-Day Enhanced announcement, the studio hoped to increase this amount. And they have confirmed on X (formerly Twitter) that the game will offer 64-player matches. Additionally, there will be: “vehicular combat, a class-based progression system, and so much more.”

D-Day Enhanced PSVR 2 screenshot

D-Day Enhanced on PSVR 2

D-Day Enhanced has already been playable in beta form for a few months now. Giving the studio time to test the expanded player roster and visual tweaks. Those are set to be fairly extensive seeing as D-Day was a PSVR title from 2019. The enhanced version will enjoy 120 fps with no FSR (Flexible Scale Rasterization), eye-tracked weapon selection and spatial audio.

It’s worth noting, however, that D-Day Enhanced is multiplayer only. “D-Day Enhanced is focused on the multiplayer aspects and doesn’t have any single player missions,” the studio says. “We put a lot of work into those on the original and hardly anyone played them.” There’s still plenty to enjoy though, with loads of weapon customisations and an in-depth progression system whilst you’re storming the Normandy beaches.

D-Day Enhanced will be available for PSVR 2 from Tuesday, 23rd January 2024.

Furthermore, Strange Games Studios previously announced its next VR game, Nar Station. Few details have been released so far, but from the brief teaser trailer, it’s looking like a sci-fi horror.

Will you be picking up D-Day Enhanced for PSVR 2 on launch? Let us know in the comments below.