Nar Station Revealed for PSVR 2 By D-Day Enhanced Dev

Strange Games Studios, the team behind Honor and Duty: D-Day is currently working on D-Day Enhanced. But that hasn’t stopped the developer from working on a new project. Called Nar Station, this seemingly sci-fi horror-esque game is coming to PSVR 2 in 2024.

Few details have been released for Nar Station. The only information comes by way of a very brief teaser trailer. In it, the camera moves down an ominous-looking corridor that could be part of a space station, a research lab or both. As vents expel steam and debris litter the floor, the only indication of what’s to come arrives by way of a black, alien-like hand grasping the door.

Suffice it to say, Nar Station is a very different offering to Strange Games’ previous offerings. And does that manacing hand look familiar? It has an air of Xenomorph about it, don’t you think?

Nar Station screenshot 2

Nar, I’m good thanks

The team has yet to divulge any narrative or gameplay details thus far. What we do know is that Nar Station has only been confirmed for PSVR 2 and that it’s due for release at some point in 2024.

In the meantime, PSVR 2 owners are still awaiting the launch details for D-Day Enhanced. Announced almost a year ago, the game is a PSVR 2 upgrade for one of Strange Games’ most popular titles. D-Day Enhanced will feature a range of improved visual capabilities, spatialized audio and more. Only last month the studio revealed that it had got: “D-Day Enhanced running at a solid 120 fps with no FSR (Flexible Scale Rasterization). This was achieved on just one of our maps and the others still have to be tweaked but I’m optimistic the game can ship running at 120 native.” A launch date announcement is expected this month.

Furthermore, another one of its titles, Dropship Commander might be hitting PSVR 2 soon. Another December update revealed that the game: “passed VR cert and the PS VR2 patch will get submitted to QA after the break.” So plenty to look forward to!

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