Hero Shooter X8 Heads to the VR Master League

X8, the multiplayer hero shooter from Thirdverse Inc. is going to enter the world of esports in 2024. The studio has announced a collaboration with the VR Master League (VRML) that’ll see X8 enter the tournament roster.

The VR Master League has been going since 2016, created as a premier hub for competitive VR gaming. X8 will be joining an illustrious group of titles, each with its own league. These include the likes of Breachers, Onward, Ultimechs, Pavlov and more.

X8 is getting its own VRML Discord for fans to join, and a specialised website VRML.com/X8 (which isn’t live at the time of writing). Joining these has a range of benefits:

  • Offers players a dedicated space to register, manage their teams, schedule matches, and submit scores.
  • Team and player profiles: detailed information about rosters and team dynamics.
  • Content: articles, interviews, and highlight reels on VRML teams and matches.
  • Live streams and past VODs
  • Tools for casters and moderators

X8 at the VR Master League

Currently, there’s no indication when the X8 league will officially launch. Thirdverse does note on its Discord that: “We’ll be hosting a pre-season to test rule sets and help grow the competitive X8 VRML community. Following this, we’ll dive immediately into X8 Season 1. Also, stay tuned to the Discord channel if you’re interested in joining the VRML team to help make the X8 preseason and Season 1 the best they can be.”

So if you’re an X8 fan you might want to keep an eye out for all of that. There are already quite a few players with the studio revealing that X8 has been downloaded 300,000 times so far. Thirdverse hasn’t given the breakdown between Meta Quest and PCVR users. But considering the game is free on Meta Quest while Steam users have to pay it’s easy to guess where most of the player base is. There’s also a PSVR 2 version of X8 in the works.

Are you looking forward to the launch of the X8 VR Master League? Let us know in the comments.