Strike Rush Unleashes Multiplayer Mayhem on Quest This Year

It has been quite a while since we last heard of a new VR project from Korea’s Skonec Entertainment. The studio is most famous in the West for Mortal Blitz, an arcade shooter from 2017. Now the company has announced its latest VR game, another intense VR shooter called Strike Rush, coming to Meta Quest headsets in 2024.

Unlike Mortal Blitz, Strike Rush is going to be a multiplayer-focused experience. It’s built around 4v4 team battles, which take place across huge arenas. Some are based on a futuristic Seoul whilst others are stadiums filled with cutting-edge tech.

Furthermore, Strike Rush has a unique element for a team-based multiplayer, an AI companion. You might have the support of your teammates but each one of you also has Blitzmon, and robot sidekick that can be customised to suit your needs. There are three to choose from; a puppy that’s fast on its feet and great at close combat, a spider-like robot all about defense, and a drone that can fly around detecting enemies and healing you.

Strike Rush image

Strike Rush on Quest

As for the players themselves, Skonec Entertainment has currently confirmed six characters. Called Blitzers, these are Sarah, Jake, Marco, Violet, Alisa and Felix. As you’d expect, each has its particular backstories and gameplay traits. For example, Sarah is a sneaky infiltration specialist, Violet is an android with superhuman combat abilities, and Felix is your hardcore, armoured tank.

On top of all of this, the arenas will feature a Colossus, a giant machine to control and unleash its devastating firepower on opponents.

This week the studio is hosting a closed beta testing for early adopters. The plan is to release Strike Rush exclusively for Meta Quest headsets on 18th April 2024.

That’s not all, we actually have some Mortal Blitz news! The game hit Quest App Lab back in September then last month Skonec released it for Pico devices as well. Ensuring it reaches a whole new audience.

Have you tried Mortal Blitz yet? Or are you more excited for Strike Rush? Let us know in the comments below.