VR Reaches its Zenith, Welcome VR Greg Davies

We’ve had Penn & Teller in VR, and The Martian VR Experience put us in the shoes of Matt Damon’s character Mark Watney. Even Wallace and Gromit are getting on the virtual reality train. But, quite frankly, all of that pales in comparison to the man, the myth, the legend, that is Greg Davies. Because next year, Davies, alongside co-host Alex Horne are coming to a headset near you with Taskmaster VR.

If you’ve never heard of it, Taskmaster is a British game show created by Horne. Featuring a selection of comedians as guests, they then have to complete a series of silly and elaborate tasks. The show has been immensely popular spanning 16 seasons as well as several specials.

In 2024 it’ll be your turn to take on the Taskmaster’s challenges. Using skill, patience, precision and grace, you will need to master all sorts of tasks. From smashing up melons and making the Taskmaster a sandwich to some bathtime fun, no task has a single solution. Plus you’ll be able to explore iconic locations like the Taskmaster house.

Taskmaster VR screenshot5

You Magnificent VR Beast

Developed by Scallywag Arcade, what should make Taskmaster VR more than a boring TV show knockoff is the fully voice-acted performance from Davies and Horne. Originally a teacher before finding fame as a comedian, Davies can be found on stage and in shows like The Cleaner, The Inbetweeners and Man Down. Fellow comedian and long-suffering co-host Alex Horne has appeared on numerous V shows whilst being host and bandleader of comedic band The Horne Section.

“[Scallywag Arcade has] done an incredible job and the game is a really exciting addition to the Taskmaster world,” said Greg Davies in a statement. “On a personal note, the creation of a virtual reality Taskmaster takes me ever closer to my ultimate goal of working without even leaving my sofa,” the host adds.

“Genuinely, this is extraordinary, brilliant and very fun,” shared Horne. “Also, I’ve always wanted to be a contestant on Taskmaster so this is great for me as a VR user. Except that I will also have my virtual self watching my attempts and undermining my confidence so I may well regret the whole venture after I’ve had a go.”

This has now become one of XR Source’s most anticipated VR games for next year. Especially considering all the deadpan humour should remain intact.

Currently, Taskmaster VR is slated to arrive for Meta Quest and PCVR headsets on Steam in 2024. Watch the brand-new trailer here.

Are you looking forward to seeing Greg Davies in VR? Let us know your favourite Taskmaster moments in the comments below.