Drop Dead: The Cabin Quest 2 Pre-orders Now Live

Originally slated for a 2022 release on Meta Quest 2, zombie shooter Drop Dead: The Cabin is now due to arrive next week. Ahead of the launch, you can pre-order the videogame with a 10% discount.

The original Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition was a great game for the time, with plenty of arcade action with single-player and multiplayer modes. Drop Dead: The Cabin looks to continue that trend with tense, exciting gameplay you can enjoy with a friend.

Drop Dead: The Cabin

As the name suggests, Drop Dead: The Cabin is set within the classic horror movie trope of a cabin in the woods. There is a loose backstory involving getting lost, finding this cabin and then realising it’s owned by a mad scientist who’s brought all sorts of monstrosities to life. More importantly, you have to prepare for the worst, gathering supplies and building fortifications to survive the night.

Enemies come at you in waves, so you have to find whatever comes to hand to defend yourself. Be that a frying pan, a knife, or hopefully, guns. And a lot of them. The further you manage to get the more upgrade options you’ll unlock. Improving your character’s strength and weapon abilities to make it a little further. Being a wave shooter expect to die a lot.

It’s not entirely contained within the cabin, however. You’ll be able to unlock larger outdoor areas, each with its own challenges to complete. Plus each time you play objectives, encounters, key locations and more will be randomly generated to keep the experience fresh.

Drop Dead: The Cabin is available for Meta Quest 2 from Thursday, 16th February. Also up for pre-ordering on Quest 2 is The Light Brigade.

Will you be pre-ordering either of those? Let us know in the comments below.