Islanders: VR Edition Goes Mixed Reality

In September, Stage Clear, GrizzlyGames and publisher Coatsink launched Islanders: VR Edition for Meta Quest. Thanks to Quest 3, like many games at the moment a new update has introduced a mixed reality component to Islanders: VR Edition.

As you would expect, the mixed reality update means that you can build your island paradise whilst viewing your home environment. Use hand tracking to place all the minimalist structures on floating islands, with all the same tranquil features intact.

“MR was something we had been thinking of since the start of ISLANDERS; VR, but it wasn’t until Quest 3 started to become more of a reality when we started to really start exploring what we could do with it,” said Coatsink Programmer Richard Ashby. “When we got hands-on with the Quest 3 headset and could see for ourselves how effective things like full-colour Passthrough were, that’s when it became our major focus.

Islanders: VR edition mixed reality

Islands in your living room

Coatsink confirms that the mixed reality update took around three months to create. Further expanding how the strategy game can be played. “I think Islanders holds a lot of similarities and evokes the same type of feeling as building a model world out of LEGO bricks, and MR gave us the possibility of realizing this feeling in a physical space within our game, Asby adds.

If you’ve not tried Islanders: VR Edition yet, the game features procedurally generated islands on which to build your community. Just like Little Cities, there’s no time or resource pressure to deal with. Simply build your miniature metropolis at your own pace. Start with a small village and then keep expanding, gaining points along the way. As these build up, you’ll unlock new buildings and islands.

The Islanders: VR Edition mixed reality update is available now for Meta Quest. A PCVR edition for Steam is also in the works.

Have you tried the game yet? Think it’ll work in mixed reality? Let us know in the comments below.