CONVRGENCE is a VR Shooter Risen From the Ashes

If you’re a PCVR fan then you may have heard of Paradox of Hope. The game was developed by one person Monkey-With-a-Bomb and released back in 2022. While gamers well received it, the title is no longer available on SteamVR due to the developer receiving a copyright claim. Removed from Steam during the summer, Paradox of Hope might be no more but its death is not in vain. In its place comes reimagined VR shooter CONVRGENCE.

Being built as a single-player FPS mixing survival and horror elements, CONVRGENCE is set within the mysterious Chernokamensk exclusion zone. With a four-legged friend by your side, you venture into the destroyed city to hunt for mystical artefacts. Along the way, you’ll need to scavenge for loot, fight bandits and ensure you get out before nightfall. Once the sun sets the gameplay transforms, and you become the hunted.

CONVRGENCE screenshot 1

Paradox of Hope reborn

For CONVRGENCE, Monkey-With-a-Bomb has taken what made the previous great and reimagined it. “CONVRGENCE will not only preserve the beloved aesthetics and gameplay formula that players enjoyed in “Paradox of Hope” but also introduce exciting new enhancements, such as outdoor locations, a day-night cycle, a companion dog, and much more!” the developer notes on Steam.

The game will feature procedurally generated locations to ensure that each expedition offers a unique experience. Furthermore, every 24 hours of in-game time players will notice that the entire game world changes its appearance and properties.

After each expedition, you’ll be able to sell anything you’ve found. The proceeds of which can then be used to buy new weapons, tools or a bigger backpack. There will also be an online component where you can compete with others on a global leaderboard.

CONVRGENCE is currently available to wishlist on Steam, with the VR shooter slated for a 2024 launch.

Did you play Paradox of Hope? Let us know your thoughts on the game and your expectations for CONVRGENCE in the comments below.