Vampiric Puzzler Silent Slayer Stakes Exclusive Meta Quest Launch in 2024

Schell Games, the VR experts behind I Expect You To Die are known for their ingenious puzzles. During the Quest Gaming Showcase earlier this year, the studio unveiled its next project, Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire. Now, the studio has released a new gameplay video as well as confirming that Silent Slayer will be a Meta Quest release in 2024.

As you can tell from the title, Silent Slayer is all about hunting vampires. It’s a single-player jumpscare horror puzzle game, the aim being to defeat a powerful clan of ancient vampires. Thankfully, these are slumbering vampires but that doesn’t make it any simpler. Their coffins are booby-trapped which means they have to be carefully, and quietly, disarmed before you can stake them.

Silent Slayer screenshot4

Become the Silent Slayer

To get past each coffin’s various defences you’ll have a variety of tools at your disposal. Carefully lift noisy metal bars out of the way, pry pins out the wooden coffins and cut wires to gain access. However, one wrong move and the fanged monsters will rise, taking your life force.

“After our success with the I Expect You To Die franchise and Among Us VR, our team started exploring other ways to create suspenseful VR experiences. A small team created a prototype all about stealthily opening a vampire’s coffin, and after jumping out of our skin several times while playing it, we all could see right away it would be an amazing game,” said Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games in a statement. “Silent Slayer continues our tradition of pushing VR to its limits, offering players a rich, horror-filled experience overflowing with more jumpscares than you can shake a stake at!”

Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire will launch in 2024 for Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 3.

Are you looking forward to the Schell Games’ latest VR project? Check out the new trailer here.