BRINK Traveler Brings Even More Magnificent Landscapes to VR

VR content tends to be dominated by videogames but there are some excellent apps to diversify your library. If you love travelling and seeing new places, one app you should consider is BRINK Traveler. Released in 2021, the app provides some of the best visuals of iconic locations around the world. In its latest update, several new locations have been added as well as an innovative AI assistant.

Previously offering 44 spots across 28 locations, the new update includes seven new locations. These include Aoraki (Mt Cook) in New Zealand, Landmannalaugar in Iceland and Redrock State Park in USA. Furthermore, the previously released The Wave in the US has been remastered with two more vantage points.

BRINK Traveler new levels

AI travelling

Supporting these new locations is a new AI-powered travel assistant. Developed in collaboration with OpenAI and Meta, the assistant enables you to talk to a voice-enabled AI via a virtual walkie-talkie. Learn more about each location by asking the AI questions, which it’ll verbally respond to. This is currently a beta feature so English is the only supported language at present.

Further update key features:

  • Quest 3 runs at 90FPS – the first of many Quest 3 optimizations to come!
  • Public multiplayer now groups people regardless of location they’re currently in, making it much more likely to find others online.
  • Newly updated and improved introduction tutorial.
  • Three locations are now included in the initial download so users can start exploring faster.
  • Updated previous locations with additional plants, dynamic effects like water, and auroras.
  • Photo saving (which was broken by Meta Quest software update 56) has been fixed.

The BRINK Traveler update is available now for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets. The Steam version will be updated very soon.

Are you a fan of travelling the world in VR? Let us know your favourite spots in the comments below.

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