Rooms of Realities Opens New Doors in November

Back in the summer developer Bluekey and publisher Gamedust (Yupitergrad 2) released Rooms of Realities as an early access title. Now, an official launch is almost here for the escape room anthology where players can team up to solve the rooms.

Initially, Rooms of Realities launched with one single scenario and three different chapters. Since then, further updates have expanded this to nine different chapters across three unique scenarios. These include Ancient Egypt, the Forsaken Asylum and an underwater submarine. All of these offer single-player and co-op multiplayer modes, the latter of which is cross-platform compatible.

Like any good escape room experience, Rooms of Realities is full of logic, mechanics, precision, memory, cooperation, cypher, and skill-based challenges. Plus, if you are playing on your own with nobody else to ask, there is a ‘non-invasive’ hint system to help.

Rooms of Realities screenshot 1

A Roomy Reality

Its most recent update to get the game ready for release was the Comfort Pack. This saw important additions like free locomotion, free rotation and vignette options, helping cater the experience to more players. Victory Rooms were also included. These are “unique rooms where you can celebrate completing scenarios and take photos as souvenirs!”

Gamedust hasn’t confirmed whether the 1.0 launch will include any further improvements or content additions. Although it has said it’ll be “introducing a treasure trove of collectibles and emphasizing the importance of certain events in the game.”

Rooms of Realities is set to leave Steam Early Access and Quest’s App Lab on 17th November 2023. The game supports PCVR headsets and Quest 2 & 3 respectively.

Escape room games have become popular in VR. Titles like I Expect You to Die 3, The 7th Guest VR and The Room VR: A Dark Matter are some great examples of the genre.

Have you already tried the escape room anthology? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.