Floor Plan Remastered Elevates onto Quest Very Soon

The year was 2016 and VR developers were grappling with locomotion in virtual worlds, trying not to make players nauseated. There were lots of innovative ideas at the time, one of which came from Turbo Button. The idea was to create a puzzle adventure entirely contained within an elevator, becoming Floor Plan in the process. For those who missed it the first time around, later this month the studio will be releasing Floor Plan Remastered on Quest headsets.

A short-form puzzler, Floor Plan Remastered is all about navigating the various floors of a building, and meeting some interesting characters en route. Each floor has its own particular items to find and puzzles to solve. However, the solutions aren’t always confined to one particular floor. Quite often, you’ll have to combine items or processes from adjacent floors to find the solution.

Floor Plan Remastered screenshot

Remastered for 2023

As this is a remastered game from 2016, Turbo Button has included a few enhancements. The studio says the game will feature new comfort options, improved controls and new models, textures, and lighting to visually overhaul the title. “We optimized Floor Plan Remastered with separate profiles for Quest 2 and 3. You can pick if you want fancy lighting effects, or higher resolution and framerate on either device.”

“Also included as an unlockable bonus in Floor Plan Remastered is a never-before-released prototype of the game from the earliest days of the Oculus devkits!” adds Turbo Button on X (formerly Twitter). “You can think of it as playable concept art that shows where many of Floor Plan’s puzzles began.”

The main game is only about an hour long so this addition is a welcome bonus.

Floor Plan Remastered will be available from 26th October, priced at $6 USD. It’ll support Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro.