How to Watch Netflix in VR

There’s more to virtual reality than purely videogames. From fitness trackers to educational apps, VR headsets provide a world of entertainment, which includes streaming TV shows and movies. Netflix has been the number-one streaming platform for many years – even with rivals like Disney+, HBO Max and others catching up – so it’s understandable if you’d like to enjoy its content in VR. Thankfully you can, so here’s how to watch Netflix in VR.

How to Watch Netflix in VR

So you fancy binge-watching shows like Wednesday or new movie blockbusters such as Ad Astra in VR? Well, there are a couple of ways you can do that depending on the headset you have. The easiest way is with the Netflix app for Meta Quest headsets (Quest 1 & 2 and Quest Pro). Or the other option is streaming the streaming app (yeah we know…) via a browser and some additional software.

Both of these have their own caveats, all listed below.

How to Watch Netflix in VR 2

Netflix VR app

So back when VR was new and exciting, Netflix quite rightly developed its own app. This allowed subscribers to download, install the app, log in and start viewing straight away. They even had the option to watch content in a virtual living room or in ‘Void Mode’, a black environment with a big screen, great if you want to lay down in bed.

However, the Netflix app hasn’t been updated in a while, so it only supports 480p resolution. VR advocates have been calling out for 1080p support but to no avail. Even so, with the way VR displays work, watching Netflix at that lower resolution isn’t too bad.

Another omission is the inability to download content. The Netflix VR app has to be connected to WiFi to watch anything, there’s no way to download shows to watch on a plane, for example.

Which devices support Netflix VR?

This has changed over the years, mostly as VR headsets have become discontinued. Originally, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream all supported the app. That’s no longer the case. For example, head to the Oculus Rift section of the Meta store and Netflix is no longer listed.

So at the moment (May 2023) the Netflix VR app supports:

  • Meta Quest
  • Meta Quest 2
  • Meta Quest Pro

Can you watch Netflix in PSVR 2?

Where’s PlayStation VR/PlayStation VR 2 in all of that you might ask? Because PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 already supports streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and others, these can be viewed through the PSVR 2’s Home Menu.

Referred to as a ‘Cinematic Mode’ by Sony, this automatically activates when non-VR content is played, like a Netflix show. Here are some of the best PSVR 2 tips and tricks like the 120Hz mode.

How to Install Netflix VR on Meta Quest

  1. Either from the Quest home screen or Quest mobile app, search for Netflix.
  2. Follow the prompt to complete the installation.
  3. Once the Netflix app launches, select Sign In.
  4. Note on signing out: From the Netflix home screen, select Settings or the Gear icon

Netflix VR Tips

  • Void Theatre – Activate on the left of the mantelpiece
    • Travel Mode – Great for laying in bed, follows your vision. Deactivate to lock in position.
    • Resize Screen – Create a tiny or huge screen by moving the thumbstick up or down.
    • Move Screen – Use your head to move the screen where you like.

Can you watch Netflix on Quest/Oculus browser?

No. Unfortunately, Netflix isn’t supported by the current in-headset browser.

How to watch Netflix on PC VR headsets

With no native Netflix apps on platforms like Steam, if you’re a PC VR owner then you’ll need to watch through a browser. You can then stream to a headset via Virtual Desktop or Bigscreen VR. This also ensures a much higher quality viewing experience in comparison to Quest’s native app.

Note: Meta Quest users can also use this method if they wish. Here’s how to connect Quest 2 to PC for more info.

  1. Download and install either Bigscreen VR (free) or Virtual Desktop (paid).
  2. Launch the app and ensure the desktop screen is mirrored in VR.
  3. Go online and sign into Netflix.
  4. Find what you want to watch and activate full-screen mode.
  5. That should be it, enjoy!