Laser Dance Brings Mixed Reality Spy Games to Meta Quest in 2024

Cubism is one of the best puzzle games on Meta Quest, the brainchild of indie developer Thomas Van Bouwel. This past year Van Bowel has been teasing his latest project, a mixed-reality game evoking classic spy and heist movie scenarios of carefully navigating laser grids. Called Laser Dance, the game is now slated for a 2024 release on Meta Quest.

Laser Dance essentially turns any room in your home into a laser obstacle course. As if you’re in a scene from the original Resident Evil film or any one of the Mission Impossible‘s, careful footwork and body movement are required for success.

Laser Dance image1

Dancing with lasers

Laser Dance works by placing to giant virtual buttons at either end of a room. The game will then adapt a sequence of laser patterns to the play area, matching both the room size and layout. Players can then walk, tiptoe, dodge, crawl and even dance their way through the course.  

As you’d expect from a laser obstacle course, the lasers are generated at various angles, horizontal, vertical and, of course, moving to ensure plenty of tricky dilemmas. Just like Cubism, the gameplay is simple in concept yet deceptively difficult for newcomers and seasoned VR players alike. You can see the gameplay in action on Van Bouwel’s official X (formerly Twitter) account.

Currently, Laser Dance is listed to support Meta Quest headsets. So that could include Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro. No specific release window has been given just yet, other than an arrival in 2024. Before then, the developer is looking for beta testers to playtest the game.

With the imminent arrival of Meta Quest 3 next week, we’re seeing a greater number of mixed reality announcements appear. Some games like Yuki, Espire 2, Wallace & Gromit and others are adding MR components.

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