Yuki’s Roguelike Action Unleashes a Mixed Reality Mode in October

A couple of years ago, ARVORE released its colourful, anime-inspired roguelike Yuki. Players take control of the titular Yuki, energetically flying them around bullet-strewn virtual worlds. In October, that’s about to be enhanced, Yuki’s getting a mixed reality mode for all Meta Quest headsets.

The MR mode sees Yuki’s hectic gameplay remain the same, just this time the action is coming out of your walls! There’s still going to be plenty of body movement involved, dodging neon projectiles whilst shooting enemies. However, a few additional tweaks have been made. For instance, the action is now 360 degrees, so you’ll have to check all the way around you. ARVORE has also included a few new perils to face.

Yuki Roguelike screenshot

Yuki’s Mixed Reality Mode

In addition to the new MRcade Mode, you’ll still be able to enjoy the story-based Patrol Mode and the Endless Mode.

“YUKI’s MRcade Mode is a dream come true to our dev team. Since day one back in 2020, we always wanted to somehow explore 360 gameplay,” said Kako, YUKI’s Creative Director in a statement. “We knew it would be a completely different experience, with new creative challenges in every aspect of the game. When we had the green light to create the Mixed Reality mode we knew what to do and the result went way beyond what everyone expected on many levels. It’s a completely new approach to YUKI, a new way to explore your room and your awareness. I’m sure YUKI and XR players will have an amazing experience.”

Yuki’s mixed reality mode arrives for Meta Quest headsets as a free update for the core game on 12th October. Just in time for the launch of Meta Quest 3.

Are you a Yuki fan? What do you think of the mixed reality mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.