The Most Exciting PSVR2 Games to Come  

February has arrived and that means the launch of PlayStation VR 2 draws ever nearer! Only three weeks to go in fact. You’ve probably seen some of the best PSVR2 games coming at launch and made a “most wanted list”. There are tons to get excited about for the near future, but what about during the rest of the year? Here’s our rundown of the most exciting PSVR2 games to come. 

Aliens VR 

Okay, so let’s be clear, Survios, the studio behind the upcoming Aliens project wasn’t specifically said it’ll support PSVR2. However, as the videogame will support PC, Console and VR systems, it is highly unlikely that Survios will miss PSVR2 off that list.  

Teased in 2022, very little has been revealed about the project. It’ll be a single-player, action-horror game set in the iconic universe featuring an original storyline set between Alien and Aliens. The synopsis adds that you’re: “a battle-hardened veteran” who has a “vendetta against the Xenomorphs.” 

Survios has yet to reveal when Aliens might arrive. 

Aliens VR - Exciting PSVR2 Games


Behemoth, on the other hand, we know a great deal more about. Coming from the minds behind The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners franchise, Skydance Interactive, Behemoth is a survival adventure of epic proportions.  

Players fight through a nightmarish world taking on an assortment of enemies in melee combat. However, it is the towering, colossal giants that are the star of the show. Mountainous beasts that’ll require more than well-timed parries and attacks to defeat.  

Behemoth is currently slated for a 2023 release. 

The Exorcist Legion VR: SIN 

A follow-up to Fun Train’s well-received The Exorcist Legion VR, SIN will mix up the single-player horror gameplay with multiplayer options.

Announced last year, Fun Train had originally planned on a 2022 release for other VR platforms. That window got pushed back to the second half of 2023, likely meaning a PSVR2 version will arrive at a similar time.

While it’ll have a brand new campaign and a co-op mode – SIN stands for “Safety in numbers” – actual gameplay details have yet to be revealed.

Firewall Ultra 

Firewall Zero Hour was a PSVR exclusive, offering team-based missions and realistic firefights – especially with the PlayStation Aim controller. Developed by First Contact Entertainment, its sequel Firewall Ultra will be an “evolution” of the franchise the studio states.  

It’ll introduce new content as well as upgrading and carrying over content from the previous game. Firewall Ultra will make use of PSVR2’s new features like eye tracking, foveated rendering, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. For instance, eye tracking will allow players to swap weapons and bring up HUD indicators. 

Firewall Ultra is currently slated for a 2023 release. 


Cyan Worlds’ next major project – they created the iconic Myst game – Firmament is another grand puzzle adventure. Originally earmarked for a PSVR release, Firmament has been continually hit with delays since its Kickstarter. So, the PSVR version is out and the PSVR2 edition is in.  

At present Firmament is delayed to the first quarter of 2023, so more news soon, we hope.  

Ghostbusters: Ride of the Ghost Lord 

After Aliens, another major franchise coming to Sony’s VR headset is Ghostbusters. Under the stewardship of nDreams (Fracked, Phantom: Covert Ops), Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord will offer a new take on the beloved franchise. It’ll feature its own unique storyline set within San Francisco, where players must build a new headquarters.  

Ghostbusting is still the main task, but you’ll also have to upgrade your new home and uncover why so many ethereal creatures are popping up on the west coast. Another title expected in 2023, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord will allow you to hunt ghosts solo or with friends. 

Green Hell VR 

Incuvo ported Green Hell into VR last year for PC VR and Quest 2, and PSVR2 isn’t going to miss out either. For those who love their survival adventures, Green Hell VR drops you in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. You soon have to fend for yourself and learn how to craft useful, life-saving items to make it through each night.

Green Hell VR is another title that’s on the 2023 list, so there’s plenty to look forward to later this year.


Low-Fi is an epic-looking VR game that’s been in the works for several years now. It’s not had an official launch on any platform as yet, but PC VR players have been able to play an early access version for a little while now.  

It was one of the first VR games to confirm PSVR2 support once the headset was known about. Set in a dystopian future, you play a cop patrolling the city streets, deciding whether to fight crime or profit from it. Low-Fi is a highly promising project that looks amazing, so hopefully, it might get an official launch this year.  

Samurai Slaughter House 

As the name suggests, this is going to be a bloody slaughter as you play a samurai! From indie team Tab Games, Samurai Slaughter House is a physics-based melee combat action adventure. Featuring a striking comic book art style, with high contrast and subtle pastel tones, a demo of the game is already available for Quest 2. 

No indication at present when Samurai Slaughter House might land for PSVR2.