Squid Game is Coming to Sandbox VR Next Week

We’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Squid Game Season 2 but that’s not happening anytime soon. So if you’re looking for a diabolically quick fix then location-based entertainment (LBE) venue Sandbox VR has the answer. The company previously announced a Squid Game VR experience is coming in 2023. Now it’s only a week away!

The Sandbox VR website has the new Squid Game Virtuals title front and centre, with a timer counting down. The official launch takes place on Friday, 29th September 2023, with bookings now open. Prices range from $50-$60 USD/£25-£45 GBP depending on time/date and the amount of guests. Like all Sandbox VR experiences, it supports up to six players at once.

Sandbox VR Squid Game

Squid Game Virtuals is Coming

As you’d expect for a videogame based on Netflix’s most-watched show, the experience is comprised of a series of mini-games. These will include some of the show’s most popular – and deadly – games, such as ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and ‘Cross the Glass Bridge.’ Just without any impending death, of course.

But Sandbox VR hasn’t revealed everything. Players should expect: “surprising new twists that expand on the world of the series.” This is thanks to the fact that the company develops all of its VR content in-house. Tailoring it to its motion-capture hardware solution which players have to wear. There are no controllers involved, simply a VR headset, haptic vest and wrist & ankle trackers.

After players complete the game they’ll get a personalised highlight reel of their reactions, recapping their Squid Game story.

Sandbox VR has locations worldwide, with the majority in the US. In Europe there are currently four, two in the UK (Birmingham & London) and two in Germany (Alsfeld & Wiesbaden). Over in Asia, Sandbox VR can be found in Hong Kong (the original location), Shanghai, Macau and Singapore. In total, there are over 40, with 18 openings in the past 12 months.

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