Squid Game VR is Real and Coming to Venues in 2023 

Netflix’s Squid Game was a huge hit for the streaming platform in 2021, being one of the few shows not to get the chop after the first series. It has been such a hit that not only is it getting a second series, but Netflix has teamed up with Sandbox VR to create a Squid Game VR experience for the latter’s location-based entertainment (LBE) venues.  

Slated to arrive later this year at Sandbox VR’s 30+ locations worldwide. Actual details regarding which games from the Korean TV series have yet to be released. Iconic ones like Red Light, Green Light, have already been parodied online. How much creative leeway Sandbox VR has remains to be seen, although fans will really want that “TV show” experience.   

Squid Game VR

Teamwork or solo glory?

All Sandbox VR has said so far is that players will be: “transported to iconic Squid Game locations, where they become contestants in a variety of pulse-pounding challenges inspired by the Netflix series.”   

The VR company had a very tough time during the pandemic, essentially shutting down, it has managed to bounce back. Especially over the past 12 months, with a dozen of those locations opening.  

“Our mission is to bring people closer together through world-class immersive experiences. What could be a more perfect fit than ‘Squid Game,’ the most widely shared and discussed television series of the past years?” said Sandbox VR founder & CEO Steve Zhao in a statement. “It’s an amazing opportunity to partner with Netflix to provide these fans the chance to transport themselves into the world of the show.” 

Games support up to six players at once with full-body motion tracking and haptic feedback. This makes the experience as immersive as possible. Each location is around 5,000 square feet, giving guests ample room to run around in, perfect for any “Squid Game”. 

While you wait for that, there are always the best Meta Quest 2 games to try like Among Us VR.

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