Outta Hand Release Date Revealed

Outta Hand is an interesting looking VR platformer. Announced for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro this summer, the game looks set to take Gorilla Tag‘s infamous movement mechanics to new heights. Literally. Vertical platforming is the order of the day, as the Outta Hand release date has been set for later this month.

Outta Hand is a high-energy platforming adventure. Players embody one of the ‘Hand-People’; wide-eyed, hop-happy lab experiments with the power to jump great heights. The arm-swinging workout of a game will see players travel through 37 levels and facing several bosses. Obviously, you’ll be wanting to try and keep the big bad boss guys at an arm’s length.

In addition to the basic gameplay mode, there’s also an endless run mode. Few details are currently available, however Beyond Frames Entertainment has confirmed that this mode will come in two varieties. This will purportedly offer Outta Hand additional longevity.

Outta Hand screenshot

Outta Hand Release Date

Beyond Frames have been picking up speed with numerous VR launches. The publisher’s Ghosts of Tabor has been performing well by all accounts. While Silhouette and Wands Alliance have received a respectable reception. Capricia Productions meanwhile, are just getting started in VR. The youthful studio has released just one other title thus far; the unique but ultimately flawed Of Bird & Cage. Will Outta Hand follow the same pattern? We don’t have long until we find out.

After a debut showcase at Gamescom, Colonge, last month, Capricia Productions and Beyond Frames Entertainment have announced the release date for Outta Hand will be 28th September, 2023. At present, the game is only confirmed for the Meta Quest Store. No SteamVR or PSVR 2 editions have been announced.

Are you excited for Outta Hand? Would you be interested in a PC VR or PSVR 2 release? Let us know in the comments below!