Alvo Roadmap Includes More Zombies, New Weapons & Modding System

Tomorrow sees the launch of the online tactical shooter Alvo for PlayStation VR 2. Developer OutsideIn Entertainment has brought the FPS to most VR headsets, with cross-platform support across all of them. The team aren’t stopping there, revealing an extensive Alvo roadmap for the next eight months.

The post-PSVR 2 launch roadmap covers all versions of Alvo, with a strong focus on increasing the map quantity. Currently, a new map is slated for almost every couple of months. These include a new zombie map for all you undead hunters.

Alvo Roadmap screenshot

Post PSVR 2 Launch Alvo Roadmap

The biggest update OutsideIn Entertainment has planned is for the PCVR edition, integrating a modding system for players. This will allow SteamVR players to create new maps that will support all versions of the game. You can see the full Alvo roadmap rundown below.

1 – 2 Months

  • Increased resolution versions of current maps – This will include better realtime lighting for dynamic objects (Characters / Weapons)
  • 1 New Map
  • Spectator camera for Private Matches
  • UI Upgrade
  • New Particle Effects
  • Steam VR Beta Modding system integration to create new maps for all HMD’s (Future integration changes will allow for custom modes and weapons/equipment) This will be huge for the game and our discord and has been in development for a while

3 – 4 Months

  • 1 New Map
  • Social Lobby / Shooting range
  • Steam VR Release
  • 2 x New Weapons
  • 1 x New Throwable Item
  • 1 x New Character

4 – 8 Months

  • 1 New Zombies Map
  • Tactical Equipment
  • Addition of mod maps and additional maps in development by the team

Alvo is available for the original PSVR, Quest 2 and Pico headsets. The PSVR 2 edition will retail for $19.99 when it arrives tomorrow. Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments below.