Meta Horizon Worlds Co-op Adventure Citadel Now Live

Meta’s VR division has a user retention issue. The company has admitted it struggles to keep new Quest 2 owners coming back. The same can be said for its flagship Meta Horizon Worlds app, the metaverse it has been struggling to promote. To aid in that endeavour, Meta released Super Rumble a couple of months ago. Now Horizon Worlds has its second title, a co-op adventure game called Citadel.

Described as “a rogue-lite action-adventure puzzle platformer FPS”, Citadel supports 1-2 players. You and a mate have 30 rooms to explore, each one harder than the last. The gameplay combines both combat and puzzle-solving mechanics, taking down enemies whilst helping your cohort survive each encounter.

Meta Horizon Worlds - Citadel screenshot

Horizon Worlds’ second marquee game

“As you infiltrate the citadel, find hidden relics, and eliminate enemy forces, you’ll unlock weapons and rewards and earn credit to buy new armour with unique stats to upgrade your hit points, number of lives, and speed. Mix and match helmets and torso armours at will to fully customize your gameplay experience,” Meta explains. “And after completing the game in Casual mode, those up for an additional challenge can take on Veteran mode for an even greater sense of achievement (and additional bragging rights).”

This being a roguelike game, you will likely die quite a few times before completion, so there should be some longevity to the experience. “We plan to introduce new quests, expansions, and features to keep things interesting as we continue building the experience.”

Accessing Citadel, or more accurately Horizon Worlds is another matter. The metaverse hasn’t been rolled out worldwide just yet. In fact, only seven countries can access the app. An initial North American launch took place in 2021, followed by rollouts in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Iceland. It has been over a year since Spain was added, with no indication regarding further territories.

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