Brazen Blaze Unveiled By Tokyo Chronos Developers

My Dearest Inc., the Japanese VR developer behind titles such as Tokyo Chronos and DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate has announced its latest project. In a live stream this week the studio unveiled Brazen Blaze, a multiplayer brawler for virtual reality headsets.

Still, in its early alpha phase, Brazen Blaze is an intense 3v3 multiplayer brawler. The only goal is to unleash all hell on the other team and beat them. With arenas set in urban environments, players can leap from building to building, to gain the upper hand against their opponents. Characters are also superhuman thanks to augmentations like robotic hands giving them various abilities.

Brazen Blaze image2

Brazen Blaze

As mentioned, killing your opponents is the core gameplay loop, using either character-specific skills, guns or your fists. Melee is an important part of Brazen Blaze. First, you need to do enough damage to stun your opponent, it’s a that point you can unleash a powerful punch to kill them. No kills can be achieved at range, facilitating continual close combat action.

My Dearest Inc. has said that Brazen Blaze has been inspired by Nintendo’s Smash Bros., famed for its hectic battles. The first character revealed is Riot, whose main skill is ‘Healing Echo’, which heals her and allies nearby. Her ‘ULT’ ability is ‘Uprising Beat’, improving her dash to increase wall collision damage and knockback distance.

The game is being developed for Quest 2 as well as PCVR, but first a foremost standalone headsets. That way the experience can be the same for all players. Thus confirming cross-platform gameplay.

A roadmap has been released detailing a Spring 2024 launch. You can apply for a Alpha Test on Discord between 7th to 24th September 2023. A closed Alpha will then take place between 6-8th October, with an open beta planned for January 2024. Before then, check out all the new VR games coming this month.

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