Waltz of the Wizard Conjures a PSVR 2 Port Soon

Aldin Dynamics has been entertaining VR gamers for several years with one continually evolving title, Waltz of the Wizard. Originally released back in 2019, the spellcasting game has been brought to most VR headsets including PSVR. Now, the studio has confirmed that Waltz of the Wizard will be making its way to PSVR 2 next month.

In the beginning, the gameplay was confined to the inside of a wizard’s castle tower. Here you could wander around, to find various interactive objects, chat with a talkative floating skull and mix ingredients to create spells. This was then expanded upon, with more gesture-based controls and locomotion, as well as new locations to venture to. This included an expansive dungeon-crawling mode where you could battle with monstrous enemies.

Waltz of the Wizard screenshot

Waltz of the Wizard PSVR 2

The upcoming PSVR 2 port will include all the latest content. Plus you’ll get a nice selection of headset-specific features.

These include eye-tracking input, so you’ll be able to pick spells and interact with various characters with just a look. And then there’s the asymmetric co-op where you and a friend can join forces, one in VR whilst the other plays on the TV. Plus, PSVR 2’s haptic feedback features have been utilised to maximise the immersive gameplay.

  • PSVR 2 highlight features:
    • Cutting-edge voice, eyes- and gesture interaction abilities
    • Large campaign with storyline, combat and challenges
    • Hundreds of voice interactions (English)
    • Infinite level generation mode for endless fun
    • Eye-tracking interactions with characters and magic
    • Dozens of unique haptic effects (rumble, trigger, head)
    • Team up with a friend in asymmetric co-op!

Available to wishlist on the PlayStation Store now, Waltz of the Wizard is due for release on 3rd October 2023. Before then, check out all the new VR games coming in September.

Have you played the game previously? Interested in the new PSVR 2 port? Let us know in the comments below.