Down and Out PlayStation & Meta Quest Editions Dated

Developed by Zatun, Down and Out is an open-world VR fighting game. The game debuted on Steam in late 2021 for PC VR, and now Down and Out is soon be released on the PlayStation and Meta Quest platforms. Additionally, game versions on other platforms will receive major updates.

In Down and Out, players take to the streets armed with nothing but their fists. Throw yourself into a city where might is right; pick fights with those who dare to stand in your way. Throw punches or bottles and trash to resolve any arguments. Who ever said ‘violence never solved anything?’ But be careful, for the law is never too far behind.

Choose your battles, throw the right punches, collect enough money, and soon enough, you will end up as the richest, most badass brawler in the city.

Down and Out PlayStation screenshot

Down and Out for PlayStation & Meta Quest

Down and Out will launch on PlayStation VR, PSVR 2, and Meta Quest platforms on 14th September, 2023. The previously existing Steam and Oculus Rift, along with Rift S, versions will receive a major update as well.

This will include improvements to the fighting system, smoother and more accurate combat which will improve in-game attacks, along with improved combat UI. Additionally, new NPC animations will be added to show various animations for fights and reactions to other NPC actions. New abilities will be introduced as well, including Rage mode and Disarm. These will allow players to block incoming attacks and that will fill up their rage meter and allow them to attack with increased damage. Disarm ability will allow players to block attacks in the last possible second and strike with a counterattack to possibly finish them off.

Down and Out received a mixed response on Steam. However, there’s hope that these improvements will boost the existing editions as well as the new releases. Will you be picking up the game this month? Let us know in the comments below!