X8 Adds New Hero in 2nd Major Update

Thirdverse, Inc., has announced the arrival of a second ‘Major Update’ for multiplayer hero shooter, X8. Included in this new release is a brand new hero, which X8 players can jump into immediately.

X8‘s Major Update 2 builds upon the momentum from its first update in July, introducing an array of new features designed to elevate the experience. Among the enhancements are the unveiling of a new Hero 7, a dynamic lighting overhaul in three iconic levels, an expansion of the achievements system, XP progression adjustments, and the introduction of custom matches and a reporting system.

X8 New Hero: Xero screenshot

X8 Major Update 2 – Welcome a New Hero 

  • Introducing Hero 7: Xero, The Cyborg emerges as the newest contender in the X8 arena. This high-tech hero harnesses an arsenal of cutting-edge gadgets and formidable abilities, promising players a whole new dimension of tactical gameplay.
  • Revamped Level Lighting: Prepare to be dazzled as the Rock Fortress, Mech Garage, and Plaza Utopia levels receive a stunning lighting rework. Every nook and cranny of these battlegrounds will now come to life, intensifying the already heart-pounding action.
  • Phase 2 Achievement Rollout: The achievements system expands further with 30+ new challenges to conquer. Your journey within X8 will be marked by accomplishments, adding layers of excitement and mastery to your gameplay.
  • Tailor Battles with Custom Matches: Craft your battleground and orchestrate epic clashes with custom matches. Engage friends and rivals in personalized settings, shaping the gameplay experience according to your preferences.
  • Reworked Skirmish to Gameplay Flow: Dive into battles with full teams, thanks to the reworked skirmish to gameplay flow. Experience seamless transitions that guarantee balanced matches from the start.
  • Custom Hand Rotation System: Highly requested by the community, players can now set how their desired hand angle in the options menu.
  • Key Improvements: Thirdverse has also diligently worked on improvements to the game, including: matchmaking times are 90% faster and improved weapons balancing. Over 80 bugs have been resolved, enhancing the overall game experience.

Since its Early Access debut in May, the game has already garnered an impressive community. More than 70,000 players have collectively played over 250,000 matches, and 2 million rounds of competitive multiplayer shooting. Thirdverse shows no signs of slowing their support for the game.

X8 is available now for PC VR and Meta Quest 2. Are you one of the 70,000+ players of the game? Let us know in the comments below!