X8 Update Brings Neo-Yakuza Map & Achievements

Thirdverse has released a new update for X8, the popular VR multiplayer hero shooter. Labelled ‘Major Update 1’, the new content includes a brand new map, an achievements system and a user reporting system.

Major Update 1 is designed to build on the game’s momentum, by offer new features to enhance the X8 experience and further engage players. The highlight is the unveiling of their newest map: ‘Neo-Yakuza’. Inspired and infused with the vibrant spirit of Tokyo’s iconic Kabukicho entertainment district, players will battle it out amongst stunning visuals and rich sounds.
The achievement system offers players 20 separate achievements to obtain. Thirdverse has promised that there are dozens more to come in the following weeks. By accomplishing set milestones, players can earn badges that serve as recognition of their dedication and skill.

X8 screenshot

X8 Update Asks You Not to be Bad

To foster a fair and supportive gaming environment, Thirdverse will also introduce a user behavior reporting system this week. This system aims to identify cheaters and maintain a good community, promoting fair competition and ensuring a positive experience for all players.
Along with this new update, Thirdverse has announce a bunch of impressive statistics for X8. Since its initial launch into Early Access just under two months ago, X8 has achieved an impressive milestone of more than 50,000 players that have installed the game. They have played a combined total of 187,000 matches and 1.5 million rounds of 5v5 gameplay.

Thirdverse seem keen to continue supporting X8 throughout it’s lifetime in Early Access. However, there’s not yet been any signs of the game progressing to a ‘full’ launch.

X8 is available now for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets, via App Lab and Steam respectively. Have you been enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments below!