Windlands 2 Out Next Week for Quest 2 

If you’ve got Meta Quest 2, then you’ll want to check out our list of the most exciting VR games coming to the headset. A lot of those are far-flung projects but there are some coming much sooner. Next week will finally see the release of Windlands 2, bringing the swinging platformer to Quest on 2nd February 2023. 

The original Windlands came out in 2016 for PC VR headsets, making its way onto Meta Quest 2’s App Lab last year. The sequel continues the same methodology, where you grapple hook through the environment, swinging from tree to tree like you’re Tarzan

Windlands 2

Rated as “intense” on the Quest store, this locomotion isn’t for everyone, especially those new to virtual reality (VR). However, if you can handle the rapid acceleration and deceleration of each swing, then there’s plenty of fun to be hand here. 

Get into the swing of it

Windlands 2 greatly expands upon its predecessor, both in its gameplay and world. Not only are the environments even more detailed and richer in scope, but there are challenges, boss fights and more. Featuring a living world with characters to help and a narrative to unravel, the boss fights will put your grappling hook skills to the test. Because not only will you need to be mindful of which direction you’re swinging, you’ll need to dish out damage with your trusty bow.  

In addition to the core campaign, there are plenty of other modes to keep you entertained. How about playing the entire game with friends in 4-player co-op? Altering the gameplay by switching on “no hooks”, “one life” and “hook anything”. Then there are the Speed Run Races and collection challenges with additional leaderboards. 

Psytec Games will launch Windlands 2 for Quest 2 on 2nd February, retailing for $24.99 USD.  

Interested in grappling hook locomotion or does that sound way too intense in VR? Let us know. Or take a look at our best Meta Quest 2 games of 2022 for more great ideas.