Green Hell VR’s Amazonian Adventure on PSVR 2 Begins

There are some great VR adventure games on PSVR 2 and now that selection has got even better. Incuvo has finally brought survival adventure Green Hell VR to PlayStation VR 2, boasting all the improvements you’d expect to see from a current-gen title.

The original Green Hell was a flatscreen game by Creepy Jar, released back in 2019. Creating a realistic open-world survival simulation, players have to learn real-life survival techniques. They use these skills to craft, hunt, fight and gather resources. Starting with basic tools to make a fire and a shelter they can eventually build a fortress. But they must also be aware of their health, physically and mentally in order to survive.

Green Hell VR screenshot

Hell in the Amazon rainforest

Incuvo took these base mechanics and then added immersive VR controls. That means drawing and carefully aiming the bow when hunting. Or wrapping leaves around your arm when you’re hurt. Everything has a cause and effect. If you don’t build a fire you’ll get cold, don’t eat you’ll starve.

However, simply surviving day-to-day is not enough. Green Hell VR will throw plenty at you, from jaguars hiding in the undergrowth, to snakes and even native tribesmen. This isn’t some nameless protagonist, you step into the shoes of famous anthropologist Jake Higgins. Whilst conducting research in the jungle Higgins’ colleague and friend goes missing. So you have to put all these skills to the test to find them.

Green Hell VR will make use of PSVR 2’s 4K HDR display to provide rich graphics and gameplay. All supported by eye-tracked foveated rendering. Whilst the Sense controllers will provide realistic haptic feedback when crafting, using weapons and much more.

Green Hell VR is out now for PSVR 2. It is also available for Meta Quest 2 & Quest Pro, as well as PCVR headsets via Steam.

Are you going to brave Green Hell VR’s jungle adventure this month? Let us know in the comments below.