Kat Walk C2 Core Opens $899 VR Treadmill Pre-orders

VR treadmills have always been the ultimate accessory for immersive gaming. But they tend to be expensive add-ons when compared with the headsets themselves. If you’ve always wanted one – and have the space for one – then Kat VR’s latest model, the Kat Walk V2 Core has opened pre-orders at a very tempting price.

Currently, you can pre-order the Kat Walk C2 Core for $899 USD. Considerably cheaper than the company’s current model, the Kat Walk C2+ at $1399. That is a special introductory price, only available until 15th September. After that date, the VR treadmill’s base price will be $999.

Kat Walk C2 Core image2

Run or walk on Kat Walk C2 Core

The whole point of a VR treadmill is to simulate the sensation of walking within a virtual world. This has several benefits including greater immersion and no need for a decent-sized play area. And for some, reduced chance of motion sickness as you are physically walking, running, crouching and even jumping. All whilst staying exactly in the same spot.

Rather than a traditional treadmill rolling road, VR treadmills like Kat Walk C2 Core use a smooth inverted board to walk across. This is combined with special shoes to provide a frictionless experience. To ensure you stay put, you strap into a sturdy bar support allowing for a free range of motion.

That $899 price supplies the treadmill itself, one pair of dedicated shoes – choose the size when you order – a set of optical sensors and various other accessories. You can augment your purchase further with the Kat Nexus module ($69) for Meta Quest and the seat module ($299). The entire package cost $1367 in the pre-order sale.

Kat Walk C2 Core now supports over 250 games on Steam. 25+ Meta Quest games are supported as well as 50+ Rift titles. Kat VR also notes that PSVR 2 support is being worked on.

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