Sexy Demon Studio Madmind to Reveal New IPs

Madmind Studio, the team behind such thrilling treats as Succubus: Hellish VR Orgy and Agony, has announced an upcoming showcase. Within, the studio is promising to reveal ‘completely new IPs’, alongside new material from previously announced projects.

Madmind Studios has received a significant amount of attention of late. Not least from your very own XR Source, thanks to a jump into VR. Acclaimed among horror fans as a game development studio known for its controversial and incredibly brutal productions, the team inviting players and press representatives to the annual horror showcase, ‘MADNIGHT 2024: Horror Showcase’.

However, the showcase is oddly very far in the future. As most studios are gearing up for Gamescom, Madmind is looking further ahead. ‘Halloween!’, I hear you cry. Yes, that would seem ideal. But alas, Madmind has other ideas. The event will occur on 14th December, 2023, on Madmind Studio S.A.’s official Youtube channel. Quite a wait, then.

Agony keyart

Madmind Studio Showcase

According to the studio, the showcase, “will feature the latest titles created by Madmind and other developers from friendly game development studios. Once again, viewers can immerse themselves in dark and incredibly terrifying worlds crafted by the devs.

In addition to presenting new materials from already revealed productions, the event will unveil completely new IPs.”

It’s not been clarified which studios Madmind considers ‘friendly’, but you can imagine that they will also be within the horror spectrum.

Madmind Studio is an indie game development studio created in 2016 by Tomasz Dutkiewicz. The studio shot to fame with 2018’s Agony. A dark fantasy survival horror game, Agony has since seen an ‘Unrated’ update depicting more gratuitously sexual violence. More recently, Agony Unrated VR was announced. Alongside the launch of Succubus Hellish VR Orgy, it’s clear that Madmind in invested in VR.

Do you think we’ll see more VR support at the MADNIGHT 2024: Horror Showcase? How do feel about the studio’s work in VR? Let us know in the comments below!