Venice Immersive Returns, Featuring 44 XR Projects and VR Games

Even with all the current Hollywood strikes going on, the prestigious Venice International Film Festival opens its doors once again this summer. And just like previous years, it’ll include an XR component. Venice Immersive returns with 44 XR projects from around the world, a mixture of films, games and other experiences. And as has become custom, it’ll feature both in-person and virtual editions.

As you’d expect from a film festival, Venice Immersive’s selection is comprised mainly of films, some of which are 360-degree shorts whilst others have a more interactive element. 28 projects are ‘in Competition’, meaning they’re premiering at the festival. Whilst ten ‘Out of Competition’ projects are under the “Best of Venice Immersive” banner, meaning they have been released or premiered elsewhere. Lastly, you have the six projects developed during the Biennale College Cinema – VR: 1.

Wallace and Gromit: The Grand Getaway img1

Best of Venice Immersive returns

The “Best of Venice Immersive” is where you’ll find VR games, with plenty of familiar faces. Titles like Another Fisherman’s Tale and Pixel Ripped 1978 all feature. This selection also includes Felix & Paul’s Space Explorers and David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies.

The only game to have made the selection that’s not been released is Wallace and Gromit: The Grand Getaway. Being co-developed by Aardman Animation and Atlas V (Gloomy Eyes, Madrid Noir, Battlescar), this VR game takes the duo to space. A trailer was shown at the recent Future Games Show, but we’ve not seen any gameplay just yet. Its inclusion at Venice Immersive could very well make that happen.

Venice Immersive will take place on Venice Immersive Island (the island of Lazzaretto Vecchio). If you’re heading to Italy, it will be open to the public and all accredited visitors from 31st August to 9th September. For the rest of the world, a virtual version of the Venice Immersive Island will be built for VRChat. As in previous editions, you’ll be able to wander the virtual island to locate each experience. Furthermore, the Worlds Gallery section will return with a selection of 24 virtual worlds.

Take a look at the full Venice Immersive lineup here. The Venice Immersive ticket costs €60 EUR for 5 days or €90 for the full subscription.

Are you thinking of attending either in person or virtually? Let us know in the comments below.