Why You Should be Excited for Wallace and Gromit: The Grand Getaway

As part of the Future Games Show earlier this month, the event featured a ‘VR Spotlight’ segment highlighting upcoming games. Included in that collection was Aardman Animation’s upcoming Wallace and Gromit: The Grand Getaway title for Meta Quest. Having not heard any more about the project since its initial tease in 2022, XR Source is now more excited than ever for the duo’s VR adventure.

Being co-developed by Aardman and Atlas V – the studio behind Madrid Noir – Wallace and Gromit: The Grand Getaway is one of their classic trips gone awry. Very reminiscent of A Grand Day Out (1989), this time around, the duo find themselves in space!

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A colourful Wallace and Gromit tale

As the original synopsis explained:

In ‘The Grand Getaway’, holidays are in the offing for Wallace and Gromit. Sun, sand, and the chance to test out their latest contraption, Auto-Caddy. But Wallace has his dates mixed up – they have to be on the other side of the country in just half an hour! There’s only one thing for it… they’ll take the Rocket. But a mishap with the controls sends Wallace, Gromit and Auto-Caddy hurtling off course. Will this be a holiday to remember?

The Future Games Show trailer gave us a brief glimpse of where they ended up. Finding themselves on a rocky alien world and with the rocket looking heavily damaged, this isn’t the getaway they hoped for. Aardman and Atlas V have yet to reveal much more information regarding how the game will play out.

The only tidbit of info was last year, revealing: “users for the first time to walk around, explore and get hands-on (or paws-on!) within the world of Wallace & Gromit, and truly be a part of the pair’s adventures.” So that sounds like players will be able to choose – or swap between – either character?

A rich legacy

One of the main reasons we’re excited about the game is the level of quality Aardman and Atlas V are known for. Aardman Animations has been entertaining fans around the world for decades and everything Wallace & Gromit is committed to is expertly crafted. Even the recent Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up AR experience wasn’t that bad.

As for Atlas V, the studio is known for its award-winning VR experiences. Titles like Spheres, Gloomy Eyes and On the Morning You Wake. So Wallace & Gromit are in safe hands.

When and Where?

Wallace and Gromit: The Grand Getaway will be exclusive to the Meta Quest platform when it arrives later in 2023.

Are you a Wallace and Gromit fan? Let us know if you’re looking forward to their first VR adventure.