Slay Witches and Lay Bi*ches in Erotic VR RPG Iragon

PC gaming is littered with adult-themed content yet virtual reality (VR) hasn’t received the same attention. Of the few titles that are available, Succubus: Hellish Orgy VR is one of the better-known projects. Also looking to make a mark in this genre is the erotic VR RPG Iragon from Repulse. It has been in development for several years now with the studio planning an official launch in September.

Listed on Steam under Iragon and Iragon 18+ the game is a story-driven adventure where you take on the role of Darick. A lad from a small village, he happens to bump into a bisexual sorceress fleeing the soldiers of a powerful army. Endeavouring to aid her in her quest to get home, you embark on a dangerous journey, learning new magic skills whilst encountering a variety of creatures along the way.

Iragon Screenshot

Erotic adventures

Some of those creatures are monsters that need to meet the dangerous end of your sword. On the other hand, others want to have a very different encounter with Darick.

In between all the fantasy combat, Iragon gives players the chance to enact several romantic encounters along the way. And we’re not talking about a peck on the cheek and a marriage proposal within the first five minutes. In the words of Repulse, if you’re not interested in the overall story you can: “just get on with slaying witches and laying bitches.”

Darick will be able to romance, touch, and undress a selection of girls. Each has her own unique personality, as well as motion-captured animations, full voice acting, and custom designed sexy outfits. “Not only can you have intimate experiences with the girls in the story, you can watch them together in hot lesbian action. You can even get in the middle, all with a fully interactive mode,” the studio notes.

Afterwards, if Darick isn’t too tired there are all the standard RPG gameplay options you’d expect. Collecting loot, upgrading items and so on.

The official launch of Iragon is expected to take place on 22nd September 2023. However, you can sample the game beforehand. Iragon: Prologue 18+ is free on Steam right now or you can head to the game’s Discord for the latest beta release.

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