Environmentally Conscious Eolia Evolves Even Further with New Update

Last September ROTU Entertainment released Eolia, a sequel to its music-based puzzler Rhythm of the Universe on Quest 2. A hand-tracking focused game, the environmentally conscious Eolia has received a huge update today.

Called Quena’s Requiem update, it expands the core gameplay to over 8 hours. Players will encounter new puzzles centred on musical theory in keeping with the rest of the game. All on the way to face a formidable boss, the colossal sandworm-like Quena.

Eolia img1

Environmentally Conscious Eolia

The free expansion isn’t focused entirely on new content either. “This expansion also introduces highly sought-after improvements, including refined hand tracking, redesigned tutorials, and sweeping audio-visual upgrades across all maps,” the studio notes.

Both Rhythm of the Universe and Eolia aim to tackle climate awareness. Eolia’s story is about a once-flourishing paradise that’s on the verge of being destroyed. Inhabitants are ruled by the oppressive Tritone army and it is your mission to traverse Eolia’s harsh environments to restore them to their former splendour. This is primarily achieved by solving the various musical puzzles on route. Choose to play musical instruments using either the Touch controllers or Quest’s hand tracking. There are plenty of other facets to the game as well, commandeer mighty creatures, find collectables, and play melodies to unlock musical superpowers.

“EOLIA mirrors Earth’s climate issues, and our objective is to not only entertain but gamify climate awareness by illustrating through the gameplay of Conga Dholak. You will find the levels in our new update to explore this same narrative,” said Jason Parks, CEO of ROTU in a statement.

As ROTU Entertainment has always done, a portion of Eolia’s sales is devoted to climate-conscious non-profits.

Eolia is available for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro for £10.99 GBP. The Quena’s Requiem update is available today free of charge.

Have you played Eolia, what did you think of its hand-tracked puzzles? Let us know in the comments below.