Tennis On-Court Smashing onto PSVR 2

Tennis games in VR have grown rapidly in popularity recently. From simulations such as Tennis Esports to training affairs like Tennis League VR, and even the eccentric C-Smash VR. And now, Tennis On-Court has been announced for a PSVR 2 release, bringing both arcade and simulation style gameplay in a single package.

Publisher Perp Games offered the following description: “It’s not only a video game, it’s real tennis thanks to the experience of Decathlon & Artengo engineers, working every day on the design of tennis equipment: rackets, balls, accessories used by top players on the ATP & WTA tours.”

The game will feature multiple gameplay options. These include playing against bots, friends, doubles and an online tournament function. Furthermore, the game will present many different customisation features to tailor the experience.

Tennis On-Court screenshot

Tennis On-Court for PSVR 2

The game will feature two gameplay modes – ‘arcade’ and ‘realistic’. Each will offer a different feel to their play. Furthermore, players can utilise one of three different movement options (teleport, automatic and manual) to allow them to customise the basic gameplay to suit their needs.

The customisation doesn’t end there though. Male and female avatars, 13 unique rackets, six stadiums with clay, grass or hard surfaces and five assist options result in a suite of options that allow the player to fine tune near-every aspect of the game.

Billed as ‘the nearest thing to real tennis’, Tennis On-Court supports multiple modes including single-player against AI and up to 2v2 multiplayer. There’s also a spectator mode to watch your friends or future opponents. 

No release date has yet been set for the PSVR 2 release of Tennis On-Court. However, you can wishlist the title on the PlayStation Store now. The game is also available for Meta Quest headsets via App Lab now.

Are you aching for more tennis in VR? Or have you already had your fill? Let us know in the comments below!