Outta Hand Slaps onto Meta Quest this Autumn

Capricia Productions and Beyond Frames Entertainment have announced that VR platforming title, Outta Hand, will be released on Meta Quest store in the autumn of 2023. The game will be compatible with the Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets.

Outta Hand lets you embody one of the Hand-People. These wide-eyed, hop-happy lab experiments have the power to jump great heights and… that’s it. Swinging your very long arms you can propel yourself great distances. Of course, you can imagine the kind of trials the player will endure in a platform adventure with this skillset.

With a control system reminiscent of Gorilla Tag, Outta Hand will likely feel familiar to many. The hope would be that Capricia Productions deliver a smooth onboarding. Throwing out difficult challenges too early would discourage many. Yet, at the same time, the team will have to please the core VR audience already experienced in such gameplay.

Outta Hand screenshot

Outta Hand Story Details

Due to not being dumb enough, loveable as you are, Dr. Vendelvom has selected you for immediate termination. Not like fired gone, more like dead gone. To save yourself and your brethren, you must platform, jump, bounce, and punch your way through the bad doctor’s laboratory. Your agenda? To take him and all his baddies out. Vengeance be thy name. Not quite so ‘loveable’, then.

Outta hand will launch with multiple levels and boss fights, along with an endless mode. No specific release date has yet been announced. However, Beyond Frames Entertainment will be showcasing the game to press at Gamescom, Cologne, Germany 23rd-25th August, 2023. We can expect more details to be revealed around that time.

Do you like the look of Outta Hand? Are you excited for some unique first-person platforming action? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!