Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station Swings Onto Quest 2 Very Soon

Back in May VR developer Gamedust released its puzzle-adventure sequel Yupitergrad 2 as a timed exclusive for PICO. Today, the studio has confirmed that Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station is finally coming to Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro next week.

The launch will take place next Thursday, 13th July 2023, with the game currently available to wish list on the Quest Store. No price details have been announced thus far. Nor has a release date been confirmed for the Steam version. The same goes for the HTC Vive XR Elite version at present.

Yupitergrad 2

Intense puzzle-swinging action!

Just like the 2021 original, Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station puts players in a sprawling space station that can only be navigated by the two grappling hooks they have for hands. Almost like Tarzan in space, players not only have the tricky art of swinging through the air to master, they need to avoid numerous deadly traps littered throughout the station.

For the sequel, Gamedust has raised the pressure even further. Making the environments richer and more detailed whilst filling them with even more secrets to discover. That means putting your life on the line more, as the obstacles are highly dangerous, mechanical death traps that have no right to be on a space station.

To make a decent follow-up game you need more than fancy new environments, players want new mechanics. Yupitergrad 2 will introduce combat for the first time. Now the hallways and loading bays of the space station will home roaming space robots! Luckily, those grappling hooks come equipped with guns to help deal with any threat. Furthermore, upgrades will be available to add extra depth to the experience.

Aiding the sci-fi adventure will be Alsha, an AI companion. “Her voice will guide us through new challenges, helping us survive in difficult situations and giving us encouragement when needed,” says Gamedust.

Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station arrives on 13th July for Quest 2 & Quest Pro.

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