Meta Quest 2 Performance Boost Gives Headset New Lease of Life

Meta’s Quest 2 has been available for almost three years, far longer than its predecessor. And with the recent Quest 3 announcement gearing up its replacement later this year, you’d have thought the end was nigh for the second-gen device. But that’s not the case. Besides all the upcoming games coming to the platform, the new Meta Quest 2 performance boost – care of the v55 software update – should keep it going a while longer.

Feel the power of v55!

Meta mentioned the upcoming performance upgrade as part of the Quest 3 and Quest Gaming Showcase announcements. As part of the v55 software update rollout commencing this week, both Quest 2 and Quest Pro will benefit from higher CPU and GPU clock speeds.

The company states in a blog post that: “Both headsets should see an up-to 26% CPU performance increase, while you can expect an up-to 19% GPU speed increase for Quest 2 and 11% GPU speed increase for Quest Pro.” That should enable smoother gameplay and a more responsive menu. Furthermore, Dynamic Resolution Scaling will be enabled for both devices. Providing increased pixel density without dropping frames for developers to take advantage of.

VR Workout

More new and improved features

That’s not the only enhancement v55 brings to the table. If you love using your Quest as a multifunctional device that’s not just for gaming, Messenger is getting its own standalone VR app. Featuring personalised avatars and voice chat, the VR app will now connect seamlessly to its 2D cousins.

The Explore feature has been upgraded serving up short-form videos, media content, and more. If your Meta account is linked to your Facebook or Instagram accounts then you’ll be able to watch Reels. YOu can even explore new Meta Horizon worlds if you so wish.

Finally, there’s multi-touch support for Meta Quest Browser. Use your Touch controllers or your hands to zoom in, zoom out, and interact with the web in a natural way.

The v55 Meta Quest 2 performance boost has begun rolling out now. You may have to wait a little while to see it land on your Quest.

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