Zombies Noir Brings Zombies to Your Living Room

Mixed reality (MR) zombies are all the rage right now. Hot on the heels of the announcement of Drop Dead: The Cabin MR, Synodic Arcis has released Zombies Noir: Mixed Reality. However, while the former is awaiting the launch of the Meta Quest 3, Zombies Noir: Mixed Reality is an immersive game that brings zombie fighting action into players’ homes on Meta Quest 2 today.

In Zombies Noir: Mixed Reality, players fight waves of zombies in their own indoor space. Protect your home as they pour through portals from Noir City. Use all manner of weaponry while encountering various types of enemies. But beware, there’s more here than just undead walkers. You must be prepared for some challenging boss battles.

Your diverse arsenal of weapons includes baseball bats, tommy guns, and even explosive cheeseburgers. Each is equipped with unique abilities, and learning how to control the chaos thy can create is half the fun. Furthermore, you can enhance your weaponry through upgrades and make purchases at a convenient in-game shop.

Zombies Noir: Mixed Reality screenshot

Zombies Noir MR Uses Your Real Surroundings

By interacting with their real-life surroundings, players experience an immersive, mixed reality environment that combines the game world with the real world. Zombies Noir: Mixed Reality uses real-world elements, such as walls, doors and desks, within the game. Players can use this to their advantage, but it might also be their downfall!

MR is considered the next step in the evolution of our VR devices. While VR itself will never be replaced, MR is a new exciting format that could well appeal to a much wider demographic. VR headsets capable of doing both are already with us, and the quality of experiences will only grow.

How do you feel about the incoming wave of action-orientated MR experiences? Are you keen to invite virtual zombies into your home? Let us know in the comments below!