Bulletstorm VR Details for PSVR 2, Quest & PC VR Release

Revealed as part of Meta’s Gaming Showcase for 2023, Bulletstorm VR is currently riding high on many VR gamers’ most wanted lists. But following the event there are a number of questions remaining, so XR Source is here to help you navigate all the ‘maybe’s and dive right into the facts!

Bulletstorm VR is a remake of the original Bulletstorm. The original game released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 way back in 2011. It subsequently received re-releases for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

In Bulletstorm VR, players take on the role of Grayson Hunt. You crash land on an abandoned resort planet. Immediately, you are forced to battle your way through hordes of enemies. It’s a good thing you’re up to the task. As an exiled member of the elite assassin group Dead Echo, Grayson’s combat prowess is unparalleled. However, blind desire for vengeance finds his crew stranded on Stygia where he can finally confront the commander behind his betrayal, or get his team off the planet alive.

Players will have to fight everything from crazy raiders to colossal sky-scraper-sized beasts. Switch between melee and ranged combat for the ultimate Skillshots, and witness the power of the game’s famed Energy Leash in VR for the first time! All of Bulletstorm‘s unique sci-fi arsenal is in your hands. Control your bullets in mid-air to reach enemies hiding behind cover.

Bulletstorm VR screenshot

Who Made Bulletstorm?

The original Bulletstorm was developed by Polish studio People Can Fly. The same studio is developing Bulletstorm VR. People Can Fly began with the launch of Painkiller on PC, back in 2004. The studio also created Gears of War Judgment and the original PC port of Gears of War. Most recently, People Can Fly collaborated with Square Enix for Outriders.

Did Bulletstorm Get a Sequel?

Sadly, the original Bulletstorm never received a sequel. Despite critically acclaim, the title’s sales were below expectations. According to most reports, work had begun on a sequel before then-owners Epic Games reassigned People Can Fly to work on Gears of War Judgment. Perhaps it’s VR that will give People Can Fly the opportunity to reestablish the franchise? Time will tell!

Will Bulletstorm VR be on PS4?

This new release has been confirmed for PSVR 2, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro and PC VR. At present, there’s no confirmation of a PS4 or original PlayStation VR release for the game. That’s despite the original Bulletstorm having already seen a re-release on PlayStation 4.

Bulletstorm VR Release Date

Bulletstorm VR is scheduled for release across all formats late in 2023. No specific date nor price has yet been revealed. However, store listings have already appeared for the game:

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