FitXR Power’s Your 2023 Workouts with new Fitness Programmes 

FitXR, the virtual reality (VR) workout app for Meta Quest is expanding its fitness selection this month. Sculpt and Combat are the two new fitness programmes, with Sculpt available now. Combat will arrive on 16th January.   

Sculpt is all about low-impact strength and high-burn workouts. Led by FitXR trainers Dillon, Elise, Garret and Sarah, Sculpt classes combine movements from barre, pilates and isometric strength training. Designed to fatigue different areas of the body, the workouts aim to build strength in targeted areas. Other benefits will include toning specific muscle groups, boosting mental endurance and improving balance.  

FitXR Sculpt

The martial arts phase 

Combat studio is set to arrive on 16th January. Taking a different approach to the other classes, as the name suggests, Combat will employ extreme workouts inspired by martial arts.  

FitXR trainers Dillon and Billy combine karate, Muay Thai, taekwondo and boxing movements into each workout. These will include the double punch, hammer fists, elbow strikes, single arm high block and horse stance. 

As with the rest of FitXR, Sculpt and Combat will be enhanced with energetic playlists to keep players energised.  

“We’re excited to share our new Sculpt and Combat studios with the FitXR community,” said Kelly Cosentino, director of fitness at FitXR, in a statement. “The introduction of these studios reflects a first-ever moment for VR fitness, expanding what’s possible to bring to a workout. We at FitXR pride ourselves on demystifying VR fitness and expanding its reach to the masses, showcasing the true impact it can have to help improve overall health and wellness. We hope that these new studios encourage more people to get moving.” 

FitXR is available on Meta Quest, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Sculpt and Combat join Box, HIIT and Dance studios. Offering a free trial, FitXR is a monthly subscription service, just like a gym. 

Do you have any fitness goals for 2023? Will VR be a part of them? Let us know.