The PlayStation Showcase PSVR 2 Games That Need to Appear

E3 might not be happening in 2023 but that’s not stopping the industry roll out some big showcase events. Arriving way earlier than everyone else’s in Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation Showcase. With a special event taking place next week focused on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2, it’s going to be an event PlayStation fans will want to watch. Nothing has been teased just yet, but these are the PlayStation Showcase PSVR 2 games we’re really hoping will make an appearance.

What time is the PlayStation Showcase?

Before we get into what PSVR 2 games we how to see let’s get the fundamental details out the way. The PlayStation Showcase will be held on Wednesday 24th May at 1PM PDT/4PM EST and 9PM BST for the UK.

You’ll be able to watch the broadcast via PlayStation’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

What to expect from PlayStation showcase?

Lots and lots of videogame reveals. With an hour-plus run time, expect a deluge of trailers and unexpected announcements. The showcase is: “focusing on PS5 and PS VR2 games in development from top studios from around the world,” notes SIE. “Expect a glimpse at several new creations from PlayStation Studios, as well as spellbinding games from our third-party partners and indie creators.”

Half-Life: Alyx - Steam Spring Sale

Half-Life: Alyx

We’re starting with a long shot but there have been constant rumours regarding Valve’s AAA VR game Half-Life: Alyx. Okay, so it’s now three years old but it hasn’t aged at all. Half-Life: Alyx is still as fresh as the day it was released and could really shine on PSVR 2. If you’ve played it already, just imagine going against the Combine with 4K visuals, eye-tracked foveated rendering – maybe even weapon selection – and haptic headset feedback. It could be the best version yet!

Horizon Call of the Mountain was supposed to be the PSVR 2’s system seller. But with the headset now being sold by retailers we reckon Half-Life: Alyx would do an even better job.

Aliens VR - Exciting PSVR2 Games

Aliens VR

There are plenty of PSVR 2 games coming soon to the platform with even more waiting in the wings. One of those is Survios’ Aliens VR, which the studio unveiled last year. Nothing has been mentioned since, so now would be the perfect time to showcase a cinematic trailer or even some gameplay.

We know it’ll feature an original storyline between the first two Alien films and that’s it. It’s actually slated for PC, consoles and VR, so we could very well see a more official PS5 announcement. Either way, with such a huge sci-fi franchise on board, that could spark more PSVR 2 interest from PS5 owners.

Resident Evil 4 remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Virtual reality is proving itself to be an awesome – and very scary – way to enjoy the Resident Evil franchise. PSVR had Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, then Meta Quest 2 had Resident Evil 4 and then Resident Evil Village added PSVR 2 support. All glorious in their own way. The recent Resident Evil 4 Remake has been a bonafide hit and Capcom has already confirmed a VR mode is in the works. Hopefully, we’ll get more details on that next week.

On PC, there’s already an unofficial VR mod for the Resident Evil 4 Remake, albeit in a third-person view.

PlayStation Showcase PSVR 2 - Stranger Things VR

Stranger Things VR

The hit Netflix show Stranger Things is getting a VR game in 2023, developer Tender Claws announced last year. The studio behind Virtual Virtual Reality 2 and The Under Presents, is working a game where you play the villain, stepping into Vecna’s shoes.

“Become an explorer of unknown realities as you form the hive mind and tame the void. Invade minds and conjure nightmares in your quest to enact revenge on Eleven and Hawkins,” the synopsis explains. Looking forward to getting a release date for this one.

Firewall Ultra - image1

Firewall Ultra

A sequel to First Contact Entertainment’s PSVR game Firewall Zero Hour, Firewall Ultra is a tactical multiplayer shooter. Plenty of details have already been released with this Firewall Ultra Need to Know great for further info.

However, two things are still missing, a gameplay trailer so we can see the game in action. And a release date, because the release window is still 2023.

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord

Big entertainment franchises are set to swamp PSVR 2, nDreams’ Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord is another slated for 2023. Featuring its own unique storyline set within San Francisco, players must build a new headquarters whilst unravelling the mystery of why so many ethereal creatures are popping up on the west coast.

Consider nDreams’ VR pedigree thanks to games like Fracked and Phantom: Covert Ops we’ve got high hopes for this one.

Those are some of the PlayStation Showcase PSVR 2 games XR Source hopes to see. Which titles do you want to see featured? Let us know in the comments below.