Celeritas Games to Launch Tomb Explorer VR Kickstarter Soon

If you love the idea of running around dusty tombs like Indiana Jones then keep an eye out for Celeritas Games’ next project. The studio has announced that it’ll be running a Kickstarter for Tomb Explorer VR very soon. And from the looks of the initial imagery, it’ll be a good-looking title.

Much like the infamous Lara Croft, adventurers in Tomb Explorer VR will be treated to multiple locations to discover. These will include open worlds such as Petra Tombs, Peruvian Inca Jungles and Egyptian Tombs. Valuable artefacts to discover fill the tombs.

Tomb Explorer VR - Kickstarter4

Tomb Explorer VR Kickstarter

Described as “an action-packed adventure game that offers players a chance to delve into the world of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider.” Players will be able to: “navigate and explore ancient tombs and ruins, solving puzzles, battling enemies, and uncovering hidden treasures.”

Available to wishlist on Steam, details regarding the Kickstarter and its funding goals have yet to be released. Celeritas Games has said that backers will: “get a great discount while you help us reach our stretch goals and turn Tomb Explorer VR into a fully-fledged AA game.”

“We are excited to launch our Kickstarter campaign for Tomb Explorer VR and bring this immersive adventure game to players around the world,” said Celeritas Games in a statement. “With Virtual Reality technology, we are able to offer players an experience that truly immerses them in the world of Tomb Explorer, where they can explore ancient tombs, discover hidden treasures, and battle enemies in an exciting and engaging way.”

The studio has previously created a VR-compatible title, Sinister Halloween. It does have another VR game listed on Steam, Frigid VR, which is ‘coming soon’.

Celeritas Games will launch the Tomb Explorer VR Kickstarter on 29th May 2023. For now, though, you can see the videogame in action via a free demo on Steam.

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