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Quantaar Launch Brings Smash Bros. Brawling to VR

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The recently revealed VR Smash Bros. style game, Quantaar, is now available worldwide. This cross-platform PvP free-for-all has unleashed its multiversal madness across Meta Quest 2, Pico 4 and SteamVR today.

As stated above, Quantaar takes it’s cues from the Smash Bros. series. A huge variety of heroes and environments are present and ready to see you engage in first-person brawls from today. From the icy mountains of Eternal Winter to the desolate lands of Desert Tombs, and the ancient alien civilizations of the skybound Temple Ruins, Quantaar will see players fight in arenas that constantly keep them on their toes. Are you quick enough to uncover secrets hidden in each stage? Get in fast and use them to gain the upperhand in a match.

As players immerse themselves further in the “Quantaarverse”, they’ll quickly memorise class attributes. As you progress through the game you’ll unlock Cores, and learn to outfit their heroes four Core slots wisely. Balance your teams to maintain a consistent edge in battle. You’ll need to expertly time the unique hero ultimate abilities to get the most from them. As you learn, you’ll grow to master each of the game’s modes and, hopefully, reign supreme on the ranking each season.

Quantaar Isn’t Just About the Brawling

Outside of the battling, you can continue the party with your friends or meet new players in the themed social rooms. Playground and Transport Hub allow you to start an air basketball game, climb rocks, play bowling or just hang out in the lounge bar before heading into the next multiversal melee. There’s also the personal space station, for the less social players.

Quantaar is available to download now for Meta Quest 2, Pico 4 and SteamVR compatible headsets. Developer Pumpkin VR is also offering limited edition cosmetic skins and Observer accessories, though you’ll need to play to find out how to unlock these!

Are you jumping into Quantaar today? Let us know in the comments below!

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