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How to Connect PICO 4 to a PC

PICO 4 headset

The PICO 4 is the new kid on the block for mobile VR. It’s a small and versatile headset, supplied with it’s own onboard store for purchasing content. However, just like the Meta Quest 2, it’s also capable of being used for PC VR applications. To that end, you’ll need this guide on how to connect PICO 4 to a PC.

TikTok parent company ByteDance launched the device in October 2022, and since it has seen significant adoption. Certainly not taking the crown from the Meta Quest 2 yet, but perhaps a thorn in Meta’s side. The specifications of the two devices are similar enough to be considered direct competitors. The price is similar, too. So the choice for many will likely be availability, as the PICO 4 isn’t currently on sale in North America.

If you choose to purchase the PICO 4, you’ll not only have access to ByteDance’s onboard store. You’ll also be able to connect the PICO 4 to a PC to play SteamVR games and applications. Read on below to find out exactly how to do so.

How to Connect PICO 4 to a PC

There are actually three options to connect PICO 4 to a PC. The most reliable is of course via a cable. However, you can also connect wirelessly using two different options. Below you’ll find details for all three methods to connect PICO 4 to a PC.

Connect PICO 4 to a PC with a USB-C Cable

In order to connect a PICO 4 to a PC with a cable, you need a high quality USB-C cable. Sadly, you can’t just grab the USB-C you have hiding in the bottom of a drawer. Instead, you’ll need to find one graded for compatibility with the Meta Quest 2, such as the USB-C cable from Syntech. One acquired, follow the steps below:

And that’s it! You’re ready to play a whole wealth of PC VR games! However, that cable may become annoying. To that end, check out the solutions to connect your PICO 4 to a PC wirelessly.

Connect PICO 4 to a PC Wirelessly

Connecting a PICO 4 to your PC without a cable is actually quite easy. Easier than trying to cast Quest 2 to a TV, at least. Simply follow the steps below.

That’s it! Sounds good, right? However, there is one significant drawback. To stream PC VR games over Wi-Fi you’ll need a decent router. It’s also much more reliable if your PC is connected to the router via an ethernet cable, and the PICO 4 headset via the 5GHz band.

If all that’s good but you’re still not achieving the results you want, you may want to invest in an additional piece of software.

Connect PICO 4 to a PC with Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop is available to download via the PICO 4’s onboard store. The advantages of using Virtual Desktop for streaming over ByteDance’s own Streaming Assistant is it’s configurability. You’re able to upgrade or downgrade the required performance until you find a level that provides a comfortable experience with your chosen hardware.

Here’s how to get started with connecting a PICO 4 to a PC, via Virtual Desktop:

That’s it! As stated above, you’ll find a huge amount of options within Virtual Desktop to configure your connection with. Take the time to ensure you find the right balance between performance and stability before you dive in!

Have you had problems trying to connect a PICO 4 to a PC? Let us know in the comments below!

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